Harry Marks

Harry Marks, “I’ve always been a great believer in colaboration, I think that working alone is fine, but you lose a synergy that you get when you work with someone.’

I watched a video about broadcast graphics pioneer Harry Marks the other day, and it really brought home the importance of the basic principles, how much difference it can make.

He took his passions, music, film and graphics, and found a way to make them work together that hadn’t been done before.

Brilliant use of analogue film, using the shutter speed, using lights, and being able understand what would happen. Also the joy of experimenting, to see what would happen, but not getting to see until the next day!

Harry developed a campaign for ABC in 77, ‘still the one’ which saddened me, as I know the same campaign used by Australia’s channel 9 from 78-2006.

Some of Harry’s core rules:

  • typography, worked only with 17 fonts
  • make what your vision is with what you have available
  • helps to have a very good mentor
  • try not to be a copy cat